Väderstad warranty

Väderstad 2 year warranty

We are proud of our products and of course we want our customers to feel proud and secure in their choice of Väderstad as a partner.

Quality pays in the long run. We know that good quality is the same as good customer satisfaction. This knowledge influences all aspects of our work, from choice of materials to testing methods, when we are developing our products. When choosing materials and components, we often select the slightly more expensive option if this gives a longer life. A machine that works without problems for a long time and that retains a high second-hand value is cheaper in the long run and more fun to own.

During development work, we test various technical solutions in computer-simulated stress tests and in practical prototype tests in the field.
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Industrial testing

Over the years, Väderstad has built up an industrial testing operation with different types of rigs and a knowledge of how measured data reflect actual wear. The rigs allow scientific testing of different solutions in a short time.

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Punishment in the quarry

Punishment in the quarry

The graduation exam for newly developed machines takes place in a nearby stone quarry. During this intensive testing, the machines are subjected to the toughest and stoniest conditions possible so that we can quickly separate good solutions from weaker designs.

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2-year machine warranty

Our confidence in the reliability and durability of everything we design and produce means you can be assured that your machine has what it takes to get the job done: season after season, year after year.

Our machine warranty applies for two years from the date of delivery, or for 1000 hectares per metre working width (e.g. 4000 hectares for a 4m Rapid) depending on which occurs first.

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Seed Hawk warranty

You can purchase Seed Hawk seeding equipment and parts with the confidence of knowing our products have what it takes to keep you running in the field, year after year. Our standard warranty applies to the entire machine for 1 year from the date of first use, or 25,000 acres, whichever occurs first. This covers parts and labor of all covered components.

The main frame structure and wing sections carry a 3 year warranty, or 25,000 acres, whichever occurs first. This covers failures due to defective materials of original workmanship, including failed or missed welds and structural deficiencies. However, it does not include nuts and bolts. All Seed Hawk replacement and wearing parts are covered for 90 days from date of first use, providing replacements for any defective components.

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Lifetime warranty on discs

As a reflection of being at the forefront when it comes to quality and performance, Väderstad applies lifetime warranty on genuine discs. If a disc should fail during its lifetime, Väderstad will replace it at no cost.

The lifetime warranty applies to genuine discs purchased from year model 2018. As a sign of the high quality steel and manufacturing, all genuine Väderstad discs are marked with “V-55”.

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