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Turn any machine into a precise seed drill

Turn any machine into a precise seed drill

BioDrill is a mountable small seeder that can be fitted on Väderstad cultivators and seed drills, further improving the machine’s versatility. 

BioDrill is equipped with a precise radar controlled metering system, ensuring an even distribution over the entire working width. This accuracy is fully measurable to a full-scale seed drill, important when drilling low seed rates or cover crop mixtures with varying seed sizes.

BioDrill provides excellent conditions for a small-seeded crop, at the same time as reducing seed costs and retaining soil moisture.

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Väderstad BioDrill offers user friendly operations

User-friendly operation

BioDrill has a large, easy to fill hopper. Any BioDrill mounted to a cultivator or seed drill with restricted access is equipped with its own steps and platform to allow safe access.

Väderstad seed drills allow BioDrill to be integrated into the same control system, else it can be operated with a separate control box. Calibration is simple and performed in a minute using the remote control box fitted on BioDrill. 

You benefit from a user-friendly and easy to maintain system.

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BioDrill radar

Exact radar control

To ensure that the seed rate remains constant regardless of driving speed, BioDrill is equipped with a ground radar. 

You benefit from a precise speed signal that guarantees accurate seeding. 

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BioDrill mounted on Cultus 300 clearcut image

BioDrill 180-250 – Rigid precision

BioDrill 180-250 is a hydraulically operated system, available for rigid machines of 3 to 4 metre working width.

The gravity fed metering system has few moving parts, resulting in minimal maintenance and long working life.

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BioDrill even distribution

Even distribution

The seeds fall under their own weight through the hoses attached to BioDrill 180-250. There are eight outlets per metre, which ensures precise seed distribution across the entire working width.

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BioDrill mounted on Carrier XL clearcut image

BioDrill 360 – Wide precision

BioDrill 360 is a pneumatic system available for foldable machines up to 12-metre working width.

BioDrill 360 is equipped with the metering system Fenix that provides a constant and reliable seed metering. 

Fenix allows uniform drilling of small-seeded crops with precision down to a seed rate of 1kg per hectare. This makes it possible to fully control the seed output, thereby optimising yield.

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Exact seeding result

BioDrill 360 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic fan allowing for large quantities of seed to be uniformly distributed over a wide working width. 

The powerful fan ensures the seeding result remains constant in all field conditions. 

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Technical data

BioDrill BD 360 BDA 360
Volume seed hopper (l) 360 360
Metering Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Mechanical  Pneumatic / Electrical
Power supply +12V +12V
Basic weight (kg) ** BD for Rollex: 320
BD for Rexius  500-940:340
BD for Rapid RDAS/C/J with ControlStation: 260 
BDA for Rexius: 360
BDA for Cultus: 265
BDA for TopDown: 330
BDA for Spirit: 165
BDA for Rapid A/S/C/J(gateway): 250
BDA for Carrier XL: 358
BDA for Carrier: 360
Filling height standard (mm) 1250 1170/1250
Available for: Rapid A 400-800C/S/J (ControlStation) TopDown 400-700
    Cultus 420-500
    Carrier 420-1225
    Carrier XL 425-1225
    Spirit 400-800C/S
    Rexius 650-1230

Rapid A 400-800C/S/J (Gateway)


Opus 400-700


Swift 400-870

    Rollex 510-620
BioDrill BDX 180 BDX 250
Volume seed hopper (l) 180 250
Metering Electrical Electrical
Power supply +12V +12V
Basic weight (kg) 190 230
Filling height standard (mm) 650 650
Available for: TopDown 300  -
  Cultus 300-350 * Cultus 400
  Carrier 300-350 * Carrier 400
  Rapid 300C/S Rapid 400C/S
Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

* Not for hydralically mounted models

** Max weight shown in table. Varies depending on size of host machine

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